Yuza distillery is the first whisky distillery in Yamagata Prefecture.
Yuza is in the heart of Japan's snow country,
and the symbol of this town is Mount Chokai.

Mount Chokai is only 16km (about 10 miles) looking from the summit to the coast of the Sea of Japan.
Directly exposed to the sea breeze, the snow depth reaches 30m (about 99~100ft) in winter, and the beech forest catches plenty of rain. The stored rain and snow permeate into the ground, so there's an abundance of good quality cold spring water.

We are dedicated to creating whisky that can compete with the best the world has to offer.
We are also focusing on “Japanese Whisky”.

The quality is what we're after, so we're not going to release anything prematurely.
We aim to craft sublime Japanese whisky politely and honestly without taking any shortcuts.

Yuza Distillery


Until the Yuza Distillery is built